We offer three different Sunday School classes for adults.


Downstairs Fellowship Hall

The Adult Sunday School class that meets in the downstairs Fellowship Hall is currently studying A Life Beyond Amazing by Dr. David Jeremiah.

This book uncovers God’s strategy for change and challenges you to make nine important decisions that will transform your heart, your life, and your world.  Dr. David Jeremiah urges us to move past the discouraging headlines, the adversity in our personal lives, the toils of daily living, the limits of our day, and to reach out and grasp a life beyond honorable, beyond respectable, and beyond incredible.  He points us to Scripture promising us a life of blessings beyond our comprehension–a life beyond our dreams.  Book provided.  

Large Room in Basement/Youth Room

The Adult Sunday School class that meets in the Youth room  is currently studying Grace is Greater:  God’s Plan to Overcome Your Past, Redeem Your Pain, and Rewrite Your Story  By Kyle Idleman.

Classroom Upper #1

The Adult Sunday School class that meets in Room Upper #1 is studying Immerse The Reading Bible.

Immerse:  The Bible Reading Experience.  It takes you on a new and unique journey through the Bible.  It provides you with enjoyable and impactful readings and delivers scripture to you as it was originally created:  without chapter or verse breaks.  While references are made available for ease of finding specific scripture references, those references do not appear within the actual text of Scripture.  this allows for uninterrupted reading of God’s Word.  This is the Holy Bible, New Living Translation, the most readable translation available.  In six volumes, it enables you to easily read and understand the Bible.