Our Pastor

Meet our Pastor, Tom!   Tom really loves JoAnn.  They have four adult kids and enjoy being empty nesters.  They keep super active by mostly trying to find water on their days off.  Whether it is swimming, rafting, kayaking, sailing, or skiing (yep, even frozen water), Tom and JoAnn just have a thing for water.

Tom has spent a lot of time in school and has a lot of letters that can be attached to his name (Rev, Dr, ThM, MA, BS) but mostly he just enjoys being known as “Tom.”
Tom started his ministry at Sugar Grove Mission Covenant Church in October of 2022.  It is a cool story of how he got here and he enjoys sharing it with others.  Prior to being our Pastor, Tom was an Associate Pastor of Discipleship, a Church-Planter, and long ago was even a Youth Pastor.
Please do not hesitate to connect with Tom because one of his favorite things about his job is connecting with new people looking for a home church.

Support Staff:

Office Assistant: Paula Morningstar

Janitor: Ruth Boisvert

Church Leadership:

Church Board:

Chairman – Sara Hamilton

Vice Chairman – John Boisvert

Treasurer – Carol Smith

Secretary – Laura Holmberg

Vice Secretary – Judy Clark

Financial Secretary – Mary Sweeney

Sunday School Superintendent – Steve Holmberg